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Dance is my cardio - Rakhi's story


Ever since I was young I have had issues with my weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In other words, I have been “big” most of my life and this struggle with my body image and confidence had followed me into my adult life.

Throughout the years I have tried multiple diets, acupuncture, weight loss programs, joined the gym, and so on. These things did help me lose weight, but the results were almost always only temporary. In addition, I always found myself using excuses such as not having time, being busy with work and/or my family. Nothing seemed to be working for me.

One fine day, in April of 2017, I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed and came across an advertisement promoting Ladies Active Bhangra at VanCity Dance Club. What initially caught my attention was the "first class FREE" part. Since I had tried many activities in the past, I thought to myself, “why not try something new… and free!?” I have always been very fond of music and dance so the thought of using these two things to motivate me in my fitness journey seemed like a great idea!

I went to my free trial class with a good friend of mine. We fell in love with the dance right away that we decided to sign up for some more classes. I signed up for three one-hour classes a week. I enjoyed these classes but I still had a very difficult time starting up. My entire body would be sore after classes, to a point where walking up and down the stairs was difficult. Instead of giving up, because I enjoyed the classes so much, I decided to challenge myself and continue on with the classes.

I did not see many major changes with my weight at first, but I did notice that I had more energy during the day, I got tired less, my stamina levels went up, and I was not as sore as I used to be. Most of all, these positive changes helped me become more confident and happy with myself. Never did I realize that my love for music and dance would turn out into a cardio/fitness/workout routine.

I slowly started losing weight from November 2017, and by March 2018 I was down 16 lbs. It did not seem much of a loss but my cellulite (body fat) had started disappearing and I had built some muscle and gained strength. Presently, I do nine classes a week out of which I teach four of them. It has become part of my everyday routine. I am now a Dance instructor for Garba fitness, Active Bhangra & Bollywood Cardio at Vancity Dance and I really enjoy it.


*Up to date, I have lost 33lbs just by doing Cardio

Thank You VANCITY DANCE for helping me to bring out my strength, stamina, energy, courage, will power and confidence!! Thanks to everyone at Vancity Dance, you all have been so amazing and very and supportive and I am so proud to have become a part of it.

*Push yourself because no-one is going to do it for you and don't expect to see the change if you never do anything differently.*

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