VanCity Dance Club is committed to providing an enriching environment for self-expression, growth, and success. The core values we have learned to live by through dance are unity, love, and a sense of family. Given the friendly and trusting ambiance present at Vancity Dance, we are capable of molding all of our members into confident, cooperative, and driven leaders within our community.



At VanCity Dance, We respect every one of our members equally. Every one of our staff loves working with adults, youth and children. We supervise the children from the time their class starts to the time their class ends.


We hope you feel safe and have fun in the environment we create in and out of our classes. We aim to instill a positive mindset in all of our students by consistent encouragement and pushing our members to achieve new heights. At VanCity Dance you will learn the art of Bhangra by being involved in not only continuous Bhangra aerobics classes but by participating in group activities to help you develop skills related to dance.

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