Our beginner’s program consists of two age groups, under 13 and over 13. All of our qualified instructors have well over a decade of experience each in teaching students of all age groups. Our level 1 class consists of learning basic Bhangra steps, as well as building rhythm and confidence. Book your free trial class now and come experience our renowned beginners program.

Often people shy away from learning because they feel as though they are “too old”, but we aim to debunk that myth! Come jam out during during one of our Rec sessions. Are open Bhangra classes not your thing? No problem! You can book any one of our qualified instructors for either individual, or group private sessions.

Our Ladies Bhangra program consists of 2 different types of classes. “Ladies Active Bhangra” is an hour of high intensity dance cardio. Even though you learn the basics, the main focus is to break a sweat, with each session burning upwards of 500-700 calories. On the other hand, we have the more subtle “Learn Bhangra” class for ladies which isn’t as intense, with the main focus being directed towards learning.

Winning the most entertaining award at numerous competitions allows us to re create an engaging performance at your event with your audience.

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