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 Our Vision

Hello! My name is Avnit and I am a competitive dancer and instructor at VanCity Dance. I graduated from Simon Fraser University in 2017 with a BA in World Literature and a minor in Educational Psychology. I am currently a Teacher Candidate in UBC’s Bachelor of Education Program. From the information stated above, I am sure you can gather that my passions are rooted in literature, education, and dance! Bhangra has provided me with a platform to express myself creatively as well as develop a teaching philosophy that recognizes the importance of all forms of education. As an aspiring teacher, I want to help my students discover their passions and develop an appreciation of learning through their own means. I hope to motivate my students to become life long learners in various different ways, and I believe dance serves as a means to inspire art that leads to deepened understanding of self, other, and the world around us.


Bhangra Idols 2012 Best In The West (BC) - 1st Place
Bhangra idols 2012 Best of the Best (BC) - 2nd Place
Bruin Bhangra 2013 (LA) - 2nd Place
Bhangra Idols Showdown 2013 (BC) - 2nd Place
World’s Best Bhangra Crew (NYC) - 2nd Place
Bruin Bhangra 2015 (LA) - 2nd Place
Bhangra Idols 2015 (BC) - 1st Place

Elite Bhangra 2016 - 1st Place 

ClutchCity Bhangra 2016 (Texas) - 1st Place 

Elite Bhangra 2017 - 1st Place 

GHG Bhangra 2017 - 4th Place 

Legacy of Bhangra 2017 - 2nd Place 

We aim to provide a medium for self-expression, growth, and an overall enriching environment. You will not only build confidence and learn to overcome personal obstacles, but you will also attain a love for fine cultural arts; something that has acted as a means of unifying so many people. We strongly believe that strength exists in teamwork and good leadership, and we aim to cater to those qualities, especially in the youth. We offer Bhangra classes for beginners, intermediates, and even professional level dancers, as well as the formation of teams through which you can showcase your talent. We also offer classes in ‘Dhol’, and other folk instruments.

Avnit Garcha

Jaskamal Grewal


Manjot Bal 

Having just turned 23 this year, it marked one whole decade of me doing Bhangra, and about 7 years teaching it! Not only have I competed with VanCity around the globe, but I have also gained extensive teaching experience at BC Cultural Bhangra Academy where I learned myself, and then teaching at GAD elementary over the last 6 years as well. Bhangra has helped me find my passion of working with children, which is why I aspire to pursue my Master’s Degree in developmental psychology!

Unit 101 - 12899 76 ave Surrey BC

778 565 8020 - vancitydanceclub@gmail.com

Vancity Bhangra was established in 2012 when a group of ambitious individuals unified their passion for dance. The team took their talents to Bhangra Idols 2012 The Best in the West where they were crowned champions. Since then, Vancity Bhangra has competed at multiple bhangra competitions, securing a placing at each one. Today, a few of the leading members of VanCity Bhangra have decided to take their passion to the next level by sharing our beautiful culture with the community. Bhangra played a huge part in shaping our lives such as building self confidence and leadership, teaching us the importance of teamwork, and established lifelong friendships.

Hey everyone!! Just wanted to share a little bit of my life with you guys. I am a Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Enthusiast and of course a Bhangra Enthusiast! I am currently studying Kinesiology in the University of the Fraser Valley and I plan on opening up his own Kinesiologist Clinic one day. I have been doing bhangra since the age of 12 and I’ve loved every single minute of it. If you need Nutrition or Training tips follow me on Instagram and Facebook! @Jasgrewalfitness

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Kabeer Panesar 

When I first started doing Bhangra, I was the most off-beat and worst dancer on the team. But through perseverance and some great instructors, I was able to become one of the best on the team. Now I am the Co-President of SFU Bhangra Club and my favourite things to do is choreograph Gidha routines with a Bhangra touch. Bhangra has allowed me to connect with different people in every aspect of my life such as at school, as I am a candidate for the Bachelors in Business Administration Program at Simon Fraser University.